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About Us

Professional, high quality, trustworthy, the best partner… these are the labels our customers give Queendomgem. 

Under these labels, QueendomGem has been deeply in the artificial gem industry for over 8 years.

With mature manufacturing experience, especially the excellent cutting crafts, QueendomGem always provides high-quality moissanite stones and lab-grown diamonds with different color grading.

Also, we’d like to give you a few labels of our own. We have a hard-working team, are the true partners of our customers, have the attributes of global know-how, and focus on innovation at the same time. The most important thing is that we respect of the client needs, culture, identity and objectives.

Come and have a try, we look forward to your exclusive label for QueendonGem!

Meet Our Team

This is Tina founder of QueendomGem

Mia Zhao


When I first came into contact with the jewelry industry, I had a voice in my heart, and this is the industry I would love to work in my whole life. 

You can definitely understand the enthusiasm of a person who is willing to do one thing with all her strength. 

I hope our service is as flawless as a diamond and can bring you a different experience.

This is Carol Chi, queendom gem co-founder

Carol Chi


We all love gems.

Because gems have life in them, and their colors speak what words fail.

QueendemGem loves to listen to what the gems speak with you together.

This is designer of queendomgem

Alisa Lee


I have Fifteen years of jewelry design experience.

I am Full of gorgeous ideas, and received numerous international and domestic design awards.

But most important thing is: I love QueendomGem.

This image is the checking of queendomgem quality

Well Worth It

Why Choose Us

Quality Assurance

Every diamond mailed to you is 100% inspected. We are proud of our quality inspection.

Produce Ability

Mature production and manufacturing experience and perfect cutting capacity.

Outstanding Service

Easy to communicate, and we respect of the client needs, culture, identity and objectives.


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