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This is our lab-grown diamonds
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QueendomGem Lab-grown Diamond

This image is about lab grown diamonds of QueendomGem

Real Diamond

Lab-grown and natural diamonds are both diamonds recognized by diamond institutes. They share similarities in appearance, hardness, composition, and certificate.


Whether in terms of color or clarity, lab-grown diamond is the one that can compete with the natural.
Or even more beautiful due to better, brighter quality and higher purity.

Environmentally friendly

The air emission on a single carat mined diamond is 1.5 billion times higher than that of the lab-grown diamond.

Reasonable price

Due to the shorter supply chain, lab-grown diamonds can be anywhere from 20-30% less expensive than mined diamonds.


Lab-grown diamonds' hardness is 10, the same as natural diamonds. So its durability is super well.

More Color Options

Colors that are rarely found in nature can be created, making unique and coveted pieces more obtainable

Why QueendomGem

Quality Assurance

All the diamonds we send are 4c compliant and we do 100% quality inspection one by one before sending. We promise no poor cut, no faint colored or below I1 clarity.

Good Stock of Diamonds

Plenty of diamonds in stock and a variety of diamond settings.

Best Price

Our diamonds are transported to you directly without any broker involved. Benefit from the saved cost.

This image is 4C standard of QueendomGem loose moissanite stones and lab-grown diamonds

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