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This is our moissanite loose stones

Loose Moissanite Supplier With Brilliant Cut


Why Choose Moissanite

Brilliance and fire

Moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamonds, so the brilliance and fire color is stronger than diamonds. Tested with professional instrument, moissanite is 2.5 times more brilliance and fire color than diamonds.

Good hardness

As the second hardest substance, 9.25 on MOHS, moissanite’s ability to resist abrasion out ranks many popular colored gemstones, so moissanite is the best alternative to diamonds.


Price of moissanite is one-tenth of that of a diamond, and the physical properties are closest to diamonds, so moissanite is the best choice for cost effective.


No mining process, no need to destroy the Earth, the use of moissanite is to project our Earth.


Because moissanite is manufactured in a lab environment, its growth process can be controlled, so the color, clarity and cut are very good.

QueendomGem Moissanite Producting Process

This image is about the top and bottom views of QueendomGem Moissanite stones

QueendomGem’s excellent cut can provide every diamond the perfect hearts and arrows

More Color Opitions

This image is the colors of loose moissanite stones which queendomgem has

More Shape Opitions

This image is Gemstone Cuts Thin Line Icons of QueendomGem

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