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From your imagination to reality

We offer full-service jewelery design, customized for you

Designers:Our own designers have won awards in China or internationally. They are young and full of ideas. Whether it is a drawing or a picture or just a description of an idea, they can help you make the jewelry you want.

Craftsmanship:Our craftmen have over 30 years of experience, whether it’s adding diamonds or gemstones to your preferred style or mounting your gemstones on your custom design, we can help you create the perfect piece.

How It Works

Together, we will build your ideal jewellery

Step 1. Choose the diamond you want

1. Gems options
・Lab-grown diamond (CVD/HPHT diamonds)
・Lab-grown gemstone (Moissanite/Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald) 2. Jewelry material options
・18K gold (white gold/rose gold/gold)
・Platinum (PT950)

Step2. Discuss the design

No matter a drawing, a picture you have found on internet, or just an idea.
Go ahead and sent us the details of the design your prefer.

Step 3. Details negotiation

We will provide the quotation and time needed for the jewelry making.

Step 4. 3D Design

We will provide 3D pictures of the product and can make adjustment you request; Until you confirming the design from the 3D pictures.

Step 5.Make the payment and produce

We will start the production upon confirming the design from the 3D pictures after receiving your payment.

Step 6. Sent out

When finish, we will take pics for you, and sent the jewelry to you through postal services.

Inspired by our work?

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