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Moissanite Stone of Gemstones

In recent years, more and more people have begun to understand and pay attention to moissanite,  and the “moissanite” search has also been increasing. The purpose of this article is to let everyone understand moissanite more comprehensively.

This is moissanite loose stone
1. Loose Moissanite Stone Discovery
2. Loose Moissanite Manufacture
3. Moissanite Features
4. Moissanite Price
5. Moissanite Advantages
6. Where to buy loose moissanite?
7. What can moissanite be made of?

Loose Moissanite Stone Discovery: What Is Moissanite?

In this part, you will learn the stories of loose moissanite and understand its history and source.

Moissanite was discovered in 1893 by Henri Moissan(1852-1907), a Nobel Prize-winning French chemist who inspected craters in Arizona. The mineral fell to the Earth with meteorites. Henri Moissan thought he had found a diamond, but upon closer examination, its chemical composition was nothing like a diamond. The native elements are called silicon carbide(SiC).

Henri Moissan
Now all the moissanites we can see are manufactured in the laboratory. Moissanite was previously monopolized by Charles & Colvard for production technology and patents, and the price remained high. Until the silicon carbide gemstones patent expired in 2016, many loose moissanite factories began to manufacture. The cost of loose moissanite is naturally much lower, and the “dream wedding” can easily come true.
colorful rings

Loose Moissanite Manufacture: how is moissanite made?

In this part, you will know how the moissanite is grown, meanwhile understand the formation process for Natural Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds.

moissanite formation process

Moissanite: place silicon carbide (SiC) powder in an environment of 2500℃, the silicon carbide powder is sublimated into a high-temperature form of argon (Argon) at extremely high temperature, and then it is redeposited become flaky crystals. This grown environment can ensure the clarity of moissanite.

Natural Diamond: formed from simple substances of carbon about 100 miles below the surface. The formation of diamonds took place millions (even billions) of years ago in molten rock in the Earth’s mantle, and when the temperature and pressure were right, carbon could be transformed into diamonds. Diamonds are then brought to the surface of the earth by lava flows where they can be mined and used to make diamonds in jewelry.

Colorful moissanite loose stones
Colorful moissanite loose stones

Lab grown diamonds are grown in laboratories, and there are two main methods.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD): completely simulates the growth process of natural diamonds on the ground, reproduces the reaction of the carbon element layer, and converts graphite into grown diamonds.

High-Temperature and High-Pressure (HPHT): the size of sand grains or flakes are used as the matrix and are slowly grown in the laboratory through chemical vapor deposition to grow up to a diamond.

Moissanite Features

In this part, you will know the physical parameters of loose moissanite and diamonds, including natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds, which has the same physical properties.

comparation of moissanite and lab-grown diamond
The polishing of moissanite gemstones

Moissanite Prices

Natural diamonds are famous worldwide because of the slogan “A diamond is forever” and have become the main choice of wedding rings. However, due to the monopoly of the source of minerals and distributors, the purchase price of end users is particularly high, and most people need three months salary to realize “one-carat dream”.

Laboratory-grown diamonds are the same as natural diamonds in essence, and the price is only 70% of natural diamonds, which is more friendly to those who need to buy diamonds.

Moissanite is the most similar artificial gemstone to diamond, and its price is only 10% of laboratory-grown diamonds.

Moissanite Advantages

Moissanite is your preferred choice if you want a sparkling ring with a limited budget. This brilliant gem is a perfect alternative to expensive diamond gems with several obvious advantages:

 1. Obviously, loose moissanite is cost-efficient. You’d be surprised that loose moissanite price is 90% less than the lab grown diamonds. But can’t see any difference visually.

2. The Mohs scale of Moissanite gemstones is 9.25 compared to Mohs scale 10 of diamonds. Moissanite is the second hardest gem. This shows that moissanite is extremely durable and is a daily-use gem.

3. The brilliance and fire are better than diamonds, including natural and lab grown diamonds. The refractive index of a diamond is 2.417-2.419, but moissanite has a refractive index of 2.65 – 2.69, which is higher than a diamond.

4. It’s environmentally friendly. Moissanite only grows in labs, but many laborers mine natural diamonds at very poor environment, so natural diamonds are called “blood diamonds”.  Now lab grown diamonds are more acceptable, but the price is also higher than moissanite.

moissanite various shapes
moissanite various shapes

Where Can I Buy a Loose Moissanite?

If you want to buy loose moissanite stones or custom moissanite engagement rings, perhaps you have searched best place to buy loose moissanite  or loose moissanite stones for sale near me. Here are three shops that can be trusted for all sorts of deals.

  1. Charles & Colvard

Of course, you must know the famous brand: Charles & Colvard. You can choose your favorite style online or find a store near you to wear it. 

Moissanite loose stone
  1. Brilliant Earth

There are many different colors and shapes of loose moissanite stone for sale on the website. You can choose the suitable one anytime.

  • Queendom Gem

Queendom Gem has eight years of experience in moissanite and custom made ones. You can click button in the lower right corner to discuss with Queendom Gem experts or go to a shop to choose your favorite size & color & shape. Queendom Gem is loose moissanite wholesale, so you can select loose moissanite to custom and get the best price under the same quality.

This is the logo of queendomgem

What can moissanite be made of?

moissanite jewelry wholesale
moissanite jewelry wholesale

Please consider you have a loose moissanite, how to use it? In this part, I will introduce several types of moissanite jewelry.  

Ring: moissanite engagement ring;   moissanite wedding ring

Bracelet:  moissanite tennis bracelet ice hip hop;  moissanite cuban link chain bracelet ice hip hop;  moissanite twist chain;  

Others: moissanite earring;  moissanite necklace;  mossanite anklet;  moissanite grillz; moissanite brooch;  moissanite watch.

moissanite engagement ring;   moissanite wedding ring
Bracelet:  moissanite tennis bracelet ice hip hop;  moissanite cuban link chain bracelet ice hip hop;  moissanite twist chain;  
Others: moissanite earring;  moissanite necklace;  mossanite anklet;  moissanite grillz; moissanite brooch;  moissanite watch

At the end

According to your ideas, set loose moissanite to your favorite jewelry. That’s perfect.

If you still have questions, you can click the button in the lower right corner or leave your contact, and we will do our best to answer your questions.

moissanite rings
moissanite rings


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