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Today we’ll be talking about a cool subject for moissanite. A lot of people have always questioned moissanite so today specifically we want to go over five misconceptions about moissanite to help you all know the real moissanite.

1. Moissanite is not a diamond.

This is the image about diamond and moissanite
(This is the image about diamond and moissanite)

Moissanite is not a diamond. Moissanite can be used as a diamond alternative. A diamond ultimately is made of almost 100% carbon like 99.999% carbon. But moissanite is made of Silicon Carbide.

moissanite is regularly misconceived that is a diamond because it has the optical properties of a diamond, but it’s chemically made differently than that a diamond, so it is not a diamond

2. Moissanite is not a Cubic Zirconia.

This is a image about CZ VS Moissanite
(This is an image about CZ VS Moissanite)

CZ is also a diamond alternative but it’s actually not harder than moissanite, CZ in the Mohs scale is at approximately 8-8.5, moissanite has a Mohs scale grade of 9.25, a diamond has a Mohs scale of 10, so a diamond is the hardest, moissanite comes second so still very durable.

 If you’ve worn a CZ before, sometimes you may have noticed that over the course of about six months to a year, the stone really begins to dull because it’s not as hard and therefore it scratches easier, that’s the reason why people replace CZ is quite often, because it’s just not durable enough, whereas moissanite lasts for a very long time. so it’s not a CZ.

3. Moissanite is not fake.

Moissanite ring
(Moissanite ring)

Moissanite is not fake, fake is relative to people’s opinions. Something is man-made but does not mean it’s fake. In other words, if there’s man-made oxygen, does that oxygen you breathe fake just because it’s man-made?

Moissanite is not fake, moissanite is silicon carbide which does exist in the real world, and is just not large enough to make into a gemstone, therefore companies that make moissanite have to create it in a lab so that we can make it into a gemstone, so it’s a lab created stone, it does not necessarily mean it’s fake. so something that is lab-created means it’s man-made, it has nothing to do with whether it’s fake or not. Lab-created diamonds are just made in a lab, so it’s still a diamond it’re just not mined. so it’s not fake.

4. Moissanite is not expensive. 

If a moissanite is compared to the optical properties of a diamond, moissanite is actually very high in quality, including in terms of 4C’s. If it’s relative to the same size as a diamond, maybe moissanite is 20% of the diamond cost, if you’re buying a $500 stone of moissanite, you need to spend about $5,000 dollar amount to a $10,000 dollar amount of the same size diamond, so even though it’s not a diamond-like I talked above, it’s actually the best choice relative to a diamond.

5. Moissanite is not low quality. 

GRA Certification
GRA Certification

Moissanite is not low in quality referring to the CZ and diamond, moissanite is very durable because the Mosh scale is high that’s only one aspect of moissanite, the second aspect of the moissanite is very high in the clarity grade, it’s usually about a VVS2 and VVS1 clarity grade, which is very high up in today’s world for moissanite, especially the FOREVER ones or the colorless from Charles in Cold War are very comparable to that of a colorless diamond.

So moissanite has very high quality, not only will last long but also has a lot of fire and brilliance, also has the advantages such as being colorless and good hard, and shining real nice. So to that point, those are the five misconceptions that we hear all the time and concerns from people that consider choosing moissanite or diamond.

the answer is that moissanite is not a diamond, it’s not a CZ, it’s not fake, and it’s not expensive relative to what it would cost to buy a diamond since it is a diamond alternative and it’s very high in quality. 

Our purpose of the article is to really answer your concerns before making a decision on choosing your jewelry.

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