How To Spot real or fake moissanite?

how to test the moissanite stones

Moissanite, also known as silicon carbide, is a gemstone grown in a laboratory. The brightness and refractive index of loose moissanites are higher than those of diamonds. Loose moissanite is the most shining gemstone in the world, and its fire is 2.5 times that of diamonds. Its hardness is as high as 9.25, second only to diamonds, and it can maintain its brightness, clarity, and fire characteristics when worn normally.

In order to obtain higher profits, some businessmen do not hesitate to violate the law and use unreasonable ways to obtain high profits

The following QueendomGem will talk to you about how to distinguish real and false Moissanite diamonds, and what are the methods for identifying real and false Moissanite diamonds. I’m sure it will definitely be helpful to you.

How to identify true and false Moissanite diamonds?

1. The brilliance and fire

It should be noted that the fire color dispersion of Moissanite is 0.104, which is 2.5 times stronger than that of diamonds. It can emit strong fire color under sunlight and light, and it is colorful. As a comparison, moissanite and zircon are obvious differences. This is one way to identify moissanite and zircon.

moissanite VS CZ
moissanite VS CZ

2. Cut

More savvy merchants will use moissanite-coated zircons as Moissanite diamonds. Queendom Gem seriously opposes and reject this deception.

How should we distinguish such fake “Moissanite diamonds”? Generally, good moissanite is cut with hearts and arrows, the full name is called eight hearts and eight arrows, but zircon-coated moissanite cannot meet this standard. When you look at it under the mirror, you can see the hearts and arrows instead. Basically, it can be concluded that it is real moissanite, otherwise, it may be zircon-coated moissanite with poor quality.

moissanite cut glasses

3. Lipophilicity

Lipophilicity test, both diamond, and Moissanite are lipophilic, but zircon is not. A drop of oil can be dropped on the surface of the Moissanite. If the oil spreads immediately, it can be confirmed that it is a Moissanite. If the oil does not disperse, it is a Zircon.

4. Ghosting

Moissanite is a birefringent gemstone. If you carefully observe the ridgeline and culet of moissanite, you can see ghosting. If you change the viewing angle, ghosting will still appear. However, zircon has low hardness and no obvious ridgelines.

5. Hardness

The hardness of moissanite is 9.25, which is only lower than that of diamonds. The hardness of zircon is about 6-7. If moissanite and zircon scratch each other, moissanite can leave scratches on the surface of the zircon, while zircon cannot scratch moissanite. If you scratch the glass with a moissanite, it can leave scratches. If you scratch the glass with zircon, it will not leave scratches.

This method is a little risky and is not recommended. Be safe If testing.

diamond tester

6. Process and Color

Good-quality Moissanite diamonds are produced by a professional manufacturer. Each loose stone is carefully crafted by a craftsman, and every detail is extremely exquisite; while the defective loose moissanite diamonds are maybe made by a private workshop. The workmanship is not exquisite, so there is a rough feeling, and the quality is not good and unstable.

Even some sellers use GH or IG to pretend to be D color. We can use the diamond color card to observe whether the color of moissanite is qualified. The real D color is colorless. Of course, professionals can distinguish it from the naked eye.

7. Certificate

Each Moissanite has a certificate with its own code, which is authenticated by an authoritative organization. All the data are very clear.

The fake Moissanite certificates are varied and uneven. The data is obtained by falsification, and the writing and printing are not standardized.

The above are the identification methods that can be realized at home. Of course, professionals have more sophisticated instruments to detect. If you want to choose moissanite, you can also contact Queendomgem, we will provide the most professional advice and perfect moissanites.

ice cut blue moissanite


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